Todd Renard:


He's an active investor and homeowner in our market. Rochester is a great city for long-term growth, and anyone buying in the next decade is sure to appreciate the rewards of it. Todd has traded every major asset class and keeps pretty close tabs on the daily as to where they are, where they're going, and how to best set himself and his clients up for success. The hardest part is often education, as we all need a bit of certainty when we're taking a new step that can be seen as risky.


Todd grew up in the sticks of small town Wisconsin. From there, he earned a couple of degrees (Undergrad and Masters), lived in Europe and South Korea, and has bopped around the continental USA. His educational background has focused on Marketing and Sustainability. Selling ideas that make us better off has always been a passion of Todd's, as finding solutions that raise all boats tends be the best way to play!

He's been incredibly fortunate in his life. I grew up in a peaceful, small town of eight hundred folks with two loving parents and a slew of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Now he's raising his first child (a glowing baby girl) with his beautiful wife. They're planning on having more, so it's going to keep being busy years for the foreseeable future!


Todd got into real estate for a couple of reasons. He helped a former employer triple their annual revenue growth through hard effort and innovative ideas, and it led to them being bought out and a new company that radically changed them. He also saw a good friend make himself financially independent in the same handful of years doing real estate. He coaxed Todd into switching things up and depending on himself over an organization. It was a worthy career swap, and a lot more fulfilling in every single category you could name.


He's always been someone that says yes to new life experiences. It's led him down some odd roads: martial arts, boxing, teaching English overseas, leather carving, hunting, cooking, climbing, hiking, yoga, meditation, horticulture, mushroom foraging, and on and on. Frankly, Todd tries to live each season fully regardless of weather, but he goes hard in the fall for harvest season. There's something about harvesting your own meat, veggies, and producing his own goods that fills his cup very deeply and reminds Todd that everything has a season in life.

Everyone we worked with at Dwell made our home-buying experience positive and easy. I’m glad we trusted them with our first home purchase and will definitely be using them in the future.
Tyler M.

Rochester Real Estate Reviews

The process from start to finish was made so easy. They were very accommodating of us and our schedules and willing to meet or contact us day or night. They were always very efficient, professional, and knowledgeable about their work. Any question or concern we had, big or small, was taken very seriously and executed perfectly in a timely manner!
Brittany J.
The Dwell Team was an absolute dream to work with and headed off any issues which led to a very seamless buying and selling process. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend this team to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home! Well done, everyone!
Anthony J.
Home Buyer / Seller