Join a collaborative culture of independent agents helping each other succeed.

A brokerage that supports your career and helps you keep more of what you earn.

Here's why agents keep joining Dwell

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Individual Agents
Individual Businesses
Collaborative Team

Here's why agents keep joining Dwell

  • 85/15% commission split

  • Capped at $6,000 annually ($40,000 gross commission/$1.3m in volume @ 3%)

  • After $6,000 has been collected, agent receives 100% for the remainder of the year

  • Agent pays their own MLS dues, E-Key subscription, sign installations, state dues, national dues, and license renewal fee

  • Dwell will provide name riders, yard signs, and first order of business cards
  • E&O Insurance Premium = Paid by Broker


  • Each transaction requires a $395 admin fee
    • Exceptions
      • Agent’s personal / immediate family sales (siblings, parents, spouse’s parents / siblings)
      • Active or former military
      • Clients in financial hardship (approved by Broker)
      • Other Broker-approved situations

  • One-on-one training and support from Broker

NO Monthly Fees. At. All.

Join the Dwell community!


  • In-house marketing team dedicated to growing the Dwell brand in Rochester and helping the individual agents grow their brand at the same time
  • Free “About” video and photos to help you communicate your brand and mission
  • Consistent promotion of your listings via the brokerage brand
  • Facilitate content creation and distribution on Dwell website and social media

We're on a mission to become the #1 source for education for home buyers, sellers, and investors in the Rochester market.


Currently, there are 34 individual agents who each have individual businesses but enjoy helping each other and collaborating as a team. By having this mindset, we believe that we can synergistically be a better company for our clients and local community.

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Our core values involve always doing what’s right for our clients and showing our professionalism through every step of the transaction. We also believe in collaborating as a team in our company to help our agents grow and be successful.

Lastly, we believe in giving back to our communities and staying involved in community organizations. We encourage our agents to generously support local nonprofits, sit on boards, and give financially.

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Dwell Realty Group is a licensed real estate company in the State of Minnesota