His real estate experience has been amazing so far! He has been able to apply the wisdom he's gained over the past few years and help his friends and family prosper in homeownership.
One unique thing Bruce loves doing for his friends is making videos of their real estate journey! Whether they're remodeling or simply moving into their new home, capturing the moments they can look back on makes his job ten times more enjoyable and worthwhile!


As the second oldest of four brothers and four sisters, Bruce was born and raised in Minneapolis and moved to Rochester when he was about ten years old. After graduating from John Marshall High School, he became a realtor. He and his wife would love to start a family of their own in the future!


Real estate allows Bruce to have the flexibility to help people in his own personal way. Being a kind and genuine person has always been his first job; being a realtor comes second. While being a realtor, he is always searching for ways to help others and influence the younger generation.


He loves having fun and being outdoors during the summer with his friends and family. When Bruce is with his younger siblings, they find new activities to try such as volleyball, kickball, pickleball, or a simple game of tag at the park! The list goes on.
On the flip side, when it's not so nice outside, Bruce spends his time building Legos, watching movies, and playing board games, video games, and card games. Meanwhile, his wife/best friend is always by his side ensuring every moment is just as fun as he makes it sound!
Making fun/hilarious videos and doing Lego giveaways has to be one of Bruce's favorite things to do when he has time for it. He's not a big fan of social media, but it's an awesome way to share what he loves doing and spreading positive energy in hopes that it benefits other people in their own personal way.

Everyone we worked with at Dwell made our home-buying experience positive and easy. I’m glad we trusted them with our first home purchase and will definitely be using them in the future.
Tyler M.

Rochester Real Estate Reviews

The process from start to finish was made so easy. They were very accommodating of us and our schedules and willing to meet or contact us day or night. They were always very efficient, professional, and knowledgeable about their work. Any question or concern we had, big or small, was taken very seriously and executed perfectly in a timely manner!
Brittany J.
The Dwell Team was an absolute dream to work with and headed off any issues which led to a very seamless buying and selling process. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend this team to anyone wishing to buy or sell a home! Well done, everyone!
Anthony J.
Home Buyer / Seller